What is Plywood Packing Case(box)?

Plywood crates, which are used to meet the standards in the industrial field, are produced in special dimensions and accordance with your needs, unlike the crates on the market. Plywood crates are used all over the world. In general, they are preferred in areas where extra protection is required so that the sensitive loads to be transported are not damaged.

It is produced with marine or urea glues, depending on whether it is in humid environments or not. Surface quality and calibration are not required. The primary purpose is to protect the load to be transported under extreme conditions.

Durable and Functional

It is easy to assemble, easy to stow and store, lightweight, and meets demanding transportation conditions. It has a long storage life. It is recycleable. It can be used over and over with minor repairs.

How is Plywood Crate Used in Transportation?  

Plywood crate transportation is a large-scale industry. For this reason, the use of wooden crate transport is ideal for many packaging products. There is the use of packaging products in the general job description that operates such as cargo handling and transportation. If the products are to be delivered to the destination in a healthy way, packaging must be done. If there is a product that needs to be transported to a remote location and this product is not packaged, it may be damaged during transportation. It should be transported in wooden packages to avoid damage.