Plywood in Laminated Parquet and Marquetry Parquet Production

Parquet is a floor covering material produced in industrial facilities so that people can use their indoor floors more ergonomically. Wood is the most preferred coating material for floor coverings, as it has good thermal insulation and transmits the cold and hot flow in concrete or metal areas to the upper usage layer in a balanced way.

Laminate flooring provides both aesthetic and ergonomic use thanks to its natural structure.

Plywood carrier laminate flooring is the most durable and stable flooring type compared to other products.
Advantages of laminated and marquetry flooring made of birch plywood;

  • Since they are resistant to water, problems such as turning and spooning are not encountered.
  • It minimizes heat conduction and heat losses that may occur in underfloor heating.
  • Thanks to its calibrated structure, it provides the opportunity to adhere to the top layer decor wood in a more rigid structure. It does not create elevation difference on the surface.
  • It has higher load carrying capacity.
  • The adhesive system is suitable for parquet floors.
  • Thanks to its hard and stable structure, it balances the loads that may come to the upper layer in the best way.
  • It is much longer lasting and durable than other types of laminated parquet.

Plywood Quality Standards in Laminated Parquet and Marquetry Parquet Production

  • Products must be calibrated.
  • Floor boarding and floor spaces are undesirable. There must be homogeneous layers.
  • Must have Marine WBP specification. It is required to be resistant to water and humidity.
  • Since the wood coating process will be done, the surface should be calibrated and clean. Snag and water resistant putties are not a problem.
  • The degree of wood dampness should be low. Burring and fiber rupture are not required during the procedure. The adhesion resistance of dry wood is equally high.
  • Formaldehyde emissions must comply with E1 or E0 Standards.