Usage of Plywood in Toy Manufacturing

Playing with toys is one of the most beautiful activities that every child, even adults, spends hours, sometimes getting carried away. When buying toys for our children, of course, the most important thing we pay attention to is the materials from which the toy is made. We pay much more attention to non-certified toys.

What Are the Types of Wood Used in Toy Manufacturing?

Of course, the types of wood used in the construction of various wooden toys are different from each other. The trees used for this reason are beech, birch, poplar, linden, and walnut. Wooden toys can be produced from varieties such as maple. The most important feature noted here is that the trees do not contain excessive extractive material.

Why Is The Type Of Wood From Which The Plywood Used In Toy Making Is Important?

It is extremely important that the tree is suitable for toy making and can be turned into plywood. Your child will be able to play with toys safely thanks to the wooden plywoods from which many various toys such as wooden trains, cars, tower construction materials, and additive toys are made. Tree species with high stabilization should be preferred here.

The Importance of Plywood Used in Toy Making

During toy making, of course, since the wood cannot be used in its raw state, it is much easier and healthier to use the wood by processing it into plywood. The use of birch plywood, especially in the production of toys, is very preferred in the manufacture of wooden products due to the soft structure of the product. In addition, Ecological certified plywood, which is unique to Baba Yapı, is completely natural and stands out as the most durable plywood products.

Birch Plywood Preference for Wooden Toys

Since birch is a tree of the Betula genus of the Betula family, it is one of the most preferred tree species due to its soft structure and light tones, and it is also a common tree species in our country and throughout the world, it is preferred in the production of wooden products due to its ease of cultivation. Birch logs are one of the most productive tree species in the world for peeling veneer production. In addition, the choice of the glue used in the bonding of birch peeling veneers is an important factor. The main factor sought in the glue is that it is E1 or E0 certified. Riga Ecological is produced from natural lignin, the binder of wood fibers, which is completely natural.

Baba Yapı Riga products are produced with Ecological glue.

One of the most important features to be considered in the production of wooden toys is the type of wood and its workability, so people who buy toys for hobby purposes and our children will be able to play with a safe and healthy product with peace of mind.