Baba Yapı A.Ş. established by Dr. Elçin Kılıç and Civil Engineer M. Sc. M. Mehmet Ekşi in 2015 to meet the need for qualified industrial plywood and it is Turkey's leading supplier company. It offers its customers Kontraform (Kontraform Birch-Kontra Ply-Kontra Hexa-Kontra Tex) and the Riga, Paged, Sveza, Tekcom, Tulsa, and Stiga branded products it distributes to its customers with a complete product range.

Baba Yapı A.Ş. also at the specific request of the customers in Turkey, continuity or non-sale-able to import varieties of plywood, plywood products continues to enhance their reputation in the industry for supplying each type.

Baba Yapı A. Ş. meets the needs of its customers throughout the entire process from the planning stage to the final product delivery with its expert staff and resolver approach.

Our vision is to provide solutions for your needs with our wide product range and our experts...

Our mission is construction, logistics (vehicle trailer and body manufacturing), hardwood, furniture and decoration, music, machine model, laser cutting, toy manufacturing, etc. in cooperation with manufacturers in various sectors, inspire them with our innovative products and expertise in materials to increase their work efficiency. 

We prefer to think of ourselves as solution providers rather than product vendors. We work with an experienced, knowledgeable, and well-trained professional team that works hand in hand with our customers at all stages, from planning, support, guidance, and after-sales services. Every employee at Baba Yapı is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. We know that satisfied customers are the key to Baba Yapı's success and we are working in this direction. We take care working with brands that have adopted environmentally friendly production approaches to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our Values


We will constantly conduct our business fairly and reliably to achieve a stable and positive working environment.


We will work diligently, compassionately, and collectively with our colleagues, customers, and partners, building strong relationships based on patience, understanding, and cooperation.

We will conduct our business with commitment, openness and a sense of ownership.

We will constantly strive to provide the highest possible standards in the quality of products and services in our daily work and in our portfolio.

We will be disciplined and responsive to the country, communities, and environments in which we work, always making sure we give our best to the community.