The Company may obtain data and information about the use of the Site by the Buyer/User who has visited, used or entered data on the Site, that is, benefited in any way, by using a technical communication file. The mentioned technical communication files are small text files that the user sends to his browser for storage in the main memory.

The technical communication file helps to obtain statistical information about how many people visit the site, for what purpose, how many times a person visits the site and how long they stay on the site, and to dynamically generate advertisements and content from specially designed user pages for users. In other words, it allows you to remember the preferences that you used on your previous visits by the website, allowing your subsequent visits to provide a much more user-friendly and personalized experience. The technical communication file is not designed to retrieve data or any other personal information from the main memory or your e-mail. Most browsers are designed to accept the technical communication file at first, but users can change the browser settings to ensure that the technical communication file does not arrive or that a warning is given when the technical communication file is sent. These settings vary depending on the type of Browser. For more information, please click here;

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