Plywood in Furniture Indsutry

Birch plywood products are the most preferred plywood type in the furniture industry due to their homogeneous and clean surface quality. Birch plywood products offer the best solution to the desired quality needs due to their homogeneous layer structure and being produced in BB, S, and B surface qualities. The fact that the product can be shaped with different coating products according to the demand and usage area provides a separate advantage. Solid wood veneer, laminate veneer, melamine veneer and paint surface treatments can be easily applied to the surfaces. Homogeneous surface quality and calibration quality compared to other plywood types allow this type of coating to be applied without any problems. These coatings must be double-faced, it is acceptable to coat the back surface with a complementary primer.

Thanks to the homogeneous layer feature of the products, it offers the best solution in CNC machining. Glue and press quality eliminates problems such as dispersion and opening in the material during CNC processing. Thanks to this feature, it is the only plywood product preferred by CNC machining centers.

Areas of use in general;
  • Kitchen and bathroom furniture
  • All kinds of indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturing
  • Door and window manufacturing
  • Interior and exterior decoration manufacturing, wall and floor coverings
  • In the construction of wooden chairs and tables
  • Office furniture
  • In all furniture manufacturing where high carrying capacity is required
  • Marine boat and ship furniture manufacturing
  • Caravan and tiny houses’ furniture and manufacturing