With Baba Yapı Plywood Products, the Burden of the Logistics Sector Is Lightened…

With Baba Yapı Plywood Products, the Burden of the Logistics Sector Is Lightened…

Birch Plywood and Wiremesh(tex) Plywood for the Logistics Industry

In recent years, epidemics in the world and blockages in product logistics cause serious mobility in the logistics sector. Both the high transportation costs and the inability to use the necessary vehicles quickly and efficiently carry the crisis to an unsurpassable point. Minimizing the damage to the tools and equipment, and eliminating the problem with quick interventions provide a positive effect in eliminating the crisis, albeit to a certain extent.

BABA YAPI offers creative solution partnerships to the logistics sector by using the developing technology to provide a competitive advantage in a global economy.

Baba Yapı Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet Ekşi said, “We provide a trouble-free supply of maintenance production equipment that the industry needs, thanks to both container floorboards (birch marine plywood), Wiremesh floorboards for the trailer industry, and marine plywood product groups with the products we import. BABA YAPI provides uninterrupted supply to its customers, allowing the process to continue without disruptions in container maintenance and trailer manufacturers' exports while many companies are experiencing problems in imports during the process."

Logistics sector is stronger thanks to Baba Yapı's Plywood variety, lightness, resistance, and excellent quality.

Mehmet Eksi said, "Our trailer baseboard products, which we import as BABA YAPI, significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs caused by surface abrasions that may occur with high surface wear resistance. With products with a high carrying capacity report, it easily overcomes problems such as breakage and rupture." He also said that the products are preferred by logistics companies by exhibiting maximum resistance to many climatic conditions thanks to the marine feature.

Birch plywood products produced using the right raw materials stand out as a price-performance product. As marine glue, phenol-formaldehyde (WBP) glues are used in the manufacture of our products. WBP adhesives consistently exhibit the highest level of resistance to water. The birch peeling veneers used are produced in a standard thickness of 1.4 mm, allowing product manufacturing both in pressing and inhomogeneous structure. The homogeneous structure of the products eliminates the defects of the wood such as working and ensures that the load resistances are equal at every point. There are no problems such as gaps and overlapping in the products adhered to in high-pressure presses. Phenolic resin films, which are used on the latest surfaces, protect the platforms at the maximum level against water, many abrasive chemicals, and minerals such as salt.

Baba Yapı offers many measurement alternatives for its products to its customers. It offers 3-4-6,5-9-12-15-18-21-24-30-40 mm thicknesses, 1160x2400 - 1250x2500 - 1250x2750 - 1500x2500 - 1500x2350 - 1500x3000 - 2000x4000 mm and many special size alternatives.

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About Baba Yapı:

Baba Yapı A.Ş. established by Dr. Elçin Kılıç and Civil Engineer M. Sc. M. Mehmet Ekşi in 2015 to meet the need for qualified industrial plywood and it is Turkey's leading supplier company. It offers its customers Kontraform and the Riga, Paged, Sveza, Tekcom, Tulsa, and Stiga branded products it distributes with a complete product range. Baba Yapı A.Ş. also at the specific request of the customers in Turkey, continuity or non-sale-able to import varieties of plywood, plywood products continues to enhance their reputation in the industry for supplying each type. Baba Yapı A.Ş. meets the needs of its customers throughout the entire process from the planning stage to the final product delivery with its expert staff and resolver approach.

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