What is marine plywood?

Marine plywood is a type of plywood manufactured from the highest quality wood peeling coatings with water-resistant glues. To be classified as Marine Grade Plywood, the product must pass strict tests, including a 72-hour boiling water test, to determine its actual strength, water-resistance properties, and ultimate durability. WBP (phenol-formaldehyde) glue is usually used as an adhesive. The structure of the glue is resistant to dissolving in water and does not react with water. 

The wood types commonly used in the production of marine plywood are Birch, Pine, Okoume, and Beech peeling coatings. The fact that beech peeling coatings react too much in humid environments restricts their use as a marinade. Pine peeling coatings, on the other hand, cause faster fungal growth in humid environments due to their soft and resinous structure. For these reasons, plywood obtained primarily from Birch and Okoume peeling coatings is preferred in the environments where marine properties are desired. 

Marin-class plywood is made of the best quality wood. If we list the unique characteristics of Marin plywood;

They are uniquely water-resistant and waterproof.

In any ordinary plywood, water can get inside and cause damage due to rotting. Special ecological adhesives are used to prevent any moisture from getting inside and damaging it. This unique quality of marine-grade plywood makes it an ideal choice for the construction of all structures that are exposed to moisture.

Strength of Marine Plywood

Marine plywood can withstand tremendous wear and tear over long periods. They are tough and can easily cope with harsh weather conditions, so they are long-lasting. The key to this is the super-strong, specially prepared ecological adhesive used to bond the floors together. As an added protection, Marine Plywood undergoes a unique vacuum pressure treatment that further increases its strength.

If We Look at the Applications; 

Waterproof plywood, also called Marin grade plywood, is more resistant to water and moisture than other types of plywood. Marine plywood finds application most widely in outdoor projects, as it can withstand all kinds of humid conditions that arise from different types of man-made and natural factors.

When used in boat building, this type of plywood, in addition to the usual water-resistant properties, offers resistance to all kinds of damage and threats that a boat can develop in fresh and salty waters.

As people become aware of waterproof plywood, its use in bathrooms as well as in kitchen projects is increasing rapidly. These are areas that are more prone to damage from water and moisture. At this point, marine plywood, which has proven to be an outstanding long-term investment, is arguably the ideal material. When used in bathroom and kitchen projects, marine plywood does not rot, does not bend, and shows no signs of mold, even if it is exposed to wet and moisture conditions for a longer time.

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