Baba Yapı Spells the Construction Industry with its KONTRAFORM Brand…

Baba Yapı Spells the Construction Industry with its KONTRAFORM Brand…

“Baba Yapı”, the leading brand of the industry in plywood imports, promises economic efficiency to the construction industry with the KONTRAFORM brand, which can be used many times due to its environmentally friendly, easy-to-process, resistance to weather conditions and chemicals.

Plywood, which is used in many items today, is widely used in construction. This is because it has a lot of features that are suitable for construction. Plywood is a lightweight durable industrial material manufactured at the factory with precise dimensions. It can be used both inside and outside of a building. For this reason, it is preferred by builders and architects.

Mehmet Ekşi, Chairman of the Board of Baba Yapı, said, “Kontraform Birch Film-faced plywood, a brand of Baba Yapı, has high compressive strength and a very high economic efficiency. With its portable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install structure, it can be used in all kinds of construction formwork systems and provides a completely flat concrete surface. It can be used repeatedly thanks to Birchwood bucks pressed with water-resistant WBP Phenol glue. It accelerates the project process and allows saving on labor costs. With our Kontraform brand, we have been the leading supplier of Plywood products to the construction industry both economically and since the day we were founded. As Baba Yapı, we offer solution-oriented approaches to our customers and architects with our expert team and innovative products."

Features of Plywood

Very high strength
Plywood has the physical strength of the wood from which it is made. Only then can it be strengthened during the production cycle. Plywood also has a very high strength-to-weight ratio compared to sawn timber. Curtained beams are ideal for flooring and curtain walls.
Unlike wood, plywood can be used in construction to suit any need. Its main advantage is that the thickness of each layer can be changed according to its purpose.

Impact Resistant
Due to the cross lamination, plywood has very high tensile strength. This is especially important when withstanding strong winds or sudden seismic activity. Plywood with high tensile strength is used in heavy-duty applications such as concrete, carcass, and flooring.

Moisture Resistant
Plywood is resistant to moisture and humidity. For this reason, it is highly preferred when making exterior facades of a building. Moisture resistance also plays an important role in indoor applications, including floors and walls. Plywood will not shrink or rot when exposed to water or very high temperatures.

Fire Resistant
Plywood is often combined with non-combustible materials such as fiber cement. It can also be coated with a fire-resistant chemical coating. This is ideal for constructing fire-resistant buildings.

Provides Insulation
Plywood naturally has high heat and sound insulation. It is often used to insulate walls, floors, and ceilings of homes. The high insulating properties of plywood reduce heating and cooling costs over the years.

Plywood Applications in Construction
  • Plywood is used as formwork support for wet concrete.
  • Cabinet, table, etc. making furniture.
  • Making light doors and windows.
  • Plywood is also used in floor construction.
  • It can be used in exterior wall and wall partition construction.
  • It is also used in roof applications.
  • Availability in different shapes and sizes
About Baba Yapı:
Baba Yapı A.Ş. established by Dr. Elçin Kılıç and Civil Engineer M. Sc. M. Mehmet Ekşi in 2015 to meet the need for qualified industrial plywood and it is Turkey's leading supplier company. It offers its customers Kontraform and the Riga, Paged, Sveza, Tekcom, Tulsa, and Stiga branded products it distributes with a complete product range. Baba Yapı A.Ş. also at the specific request of the customers in Turkey, continuity or non-sale-able to import varieties of plywood, plywood products continues to enhance their reputation in the industry for supplying each type. Baba Yapı A.Ş. meets the needs of its customers throughout the entire process from the planning stage to the final product delivery with its expert staff and resolver approach.

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