BABA YAPI Offers Special Solutions for CARAVAN and TINY HOUSES with Unique Plywood Options

BABA YAPI Offers Special Solutions for CARAVAN and TINY HOUSES with Unique Plywood Options

The restrictions on travel and social distance that have developed with the pandemic have also changed people's holiday understanding. Those who want to have a social distance holiday are now turning to Caravans and Tiny Houses. While many sectors are suffering in this period, we see Caravans and Tiny Houses as rapidly developing and growing sectors.

Lightness and Elegance Together

Whether you are repairing an old trailer, making some adjustments to a Tiny House you already own, or even buying a new trailer, caravan owners want their touch in the decoration.

One of the most important aspects of a Caravan or Tiny House is its mobility, so it is very important to be light while having a stylish decoration. With the increasing popularity of Tiny Houses and Caravans, “plywood” is becoming the most important element of design with its cost advantage, lightness, and functional solutions. Plywood is an engineered wood-based material made from several thin layers of wood veneer added. They are glued together in different thicknesses to create different types of plywood. Plywood is very strong and resists shrinking and warping.

Plywood Laminate Panels have been a very popular choice for the Caravan and Tiny House industry for some time now. It offers the best solutions in Caravan and Tiny House construction with the combination of cost-effectiveness, lightness, and unique visual capabilities. Plywood Laminate Panels are a type of plywood that can be produced in any desired color, covered with high-pressure laminate on both sides.
The best plywood products poplar and birch BB quality surface products are preferred for wall, ceiling covering, and interior decoration in caravans. In wet areas, laminate-covered derivatives of these plywood types are generally preferred. When it comes to visual aesthetics, birch BB surface plywood offers premium quality. It is the choice of caravan manufacturers not only with its visual appearance but also with its durable structure.

Birch plywood with marine characteristics is heavily preferred for the exterior cladding of your Tiny House and caravans: Thanks to the CNC surface treatment, desired surface effects can be given, the desired colors and decorations can be given on the surface with water and solvent-based wood paints, and thanks to its marine feature, it can protect against external factors. It meets the demands of the users in exterior coatings, as it exhibits maximum resistance to the surface and the most effective feature is natural-looking wood.
Tiny Houses and Caravans, whatever their style or size, will always have areas that are exposed to water and humidity. Whether it's the kitchen, bathroom, or humble sink, water is inevitable. In these areas, it is necessary to use marine birch plywood. Birch plywood is specially designed to withstand water while maintaining its structural and visual integrity.

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About Baba Yapı:
Baba Yapı A.Ş. established by Dr. Elçin Kılıç and Civil Engineer M. Sc. M. Mehmet Ekşi in 2015 to meet the need for qualified industrial plywood and it is Turkey's leading supplier company. It offers its customers Kontraform and the Riga, Paged, Sveza, Tekcom, Tulsa, and Stiga branded products it distributes with a complete product range. Baba Yapı A.Ş. also at the specific request of the customers in Turkey, continuity or non-sale-able to import varieties of plywood, plywood products continues to enhance their reputation in the industry for supplying each type. Baba Yapı A.Ş. meets the needs of its customers throughout the entire process from the planning stage to the final product delivery with its expert staff and resolver approach.

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