It is used for molding, roof cladding, building scaffold platforms and floor or parquet industry and more fields in construction sector, and it provides advantage with various features. Also it is widely preferred to create aesthetic view in various decoration works. It is used in a variety of areas such as shipbuilding and truck bed ceilings in addition to solutions for creation of doors, armchairs and shelves in various furniture productions.

– Plywood floor

– Wall Cladding

– Roof Cladding

– Molding

– Sound Insulation in Vehicles

– Floor of Film Sets

– Floor of Buses

– Scaffolding

– Furnishing

– Packaging

– Playgrounds

– Musical Instruments

Plywood is even more durable than iron owing to its static flexibility power against bending as weight is increased. Making Plywood this much strong is the unique cross bedded structure of it.

It is a natural product which is made by a renewable source. Thus it is one of the most environment friendly decorative product that can be brought into use of consumer.

Plywood production process provides benefits even more than timber production. Plywood get ahead in many areas with the usage of cutting and parting off forms.

Informations about Plywood!


Plywood means “KONTRPLAK” in Turkish In Turkey, Kontrplak is used as “PLYWOOD WITHOUT WRAP” and Plywood is used as “PLYWOOD WITH WRAP”.

It has an outstanding durability. ‘Birch Plywood’ takes this durability from the changing shape of every layer’s bed direction according to the adjacent beds.

Moire direction of all beds – cross moire is generally 90 degrees (right angle). This means there is a bed with the 90 degree angle in the same direction between every other beds’ moire direction. In addition, the direction can be about 30 degrees less. In a thicker Plywood, the seven beds can be regulate in sequence with 0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 degrees angle.

With the advanced technology, the Filmfaced Plywood, which is known as Plywood in sector, is used for produce faster and more durable structures as mold material. Plywood is priced according to its tree specie. There are two types of Plywood as “filmfaced” and “non-filmfaced”. Plywood is divided into the water and the joint it is produced, and it is shaped at measurement and forming. Filmfaced or non-filmfaced products should be preferred according to the making process or when it will be used. Filmfaced plywood is used for procure a bright and clean surface in construction sector. If you want to procure a ground that you will plaster, you should use non-filmfaced Plywood.